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Domestic Systems

The simplest form of automatic fire detection is based on domestic or residential smoke and heat alarms. Used in systems compliant with BS5839 Part 6 in the UK), they may vary from an individual battery powered standalone detector, through mains powered variants to mains powered with battery backup and interlinked variants.

·   Simple installation, particularly if battery powered and standalone

·   Ideal for most single-occupation residential premises

·   No circuit monitoring other than battery condition

·   Some inter-compatibility of different manufacturers devices

·   Inbuilt sounder

·   Some optional switch panels for central control

Recommended by fire authorities for home use, it is reported that annually in the UK there are over 50,000 fire incidents, 500 deaths and 11000 injuries in homes, many of which could have been prevented if people had an early warning and were able to get out in time.

The main types available are Optical Smoke Detectors, Ionisation Smoke Detectors, Heat detectors and Combined Detectors.

Functionality is generally quite low as they are usually built to a low cost to enable widespread availability, and the actual requirements are very simple. Standalone devices simply operate their own warning sounder and even the inter-linked devices use a basic switched power circuit with no monitoring.