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An Insiders View of Fire Alarm Systems

How do we ensure that an effective and reliable Fire Alarm System is in place? How to avoid expensive and problematic systems? How to ensure that your service providers are giving 'best-advice' as well as good value?

These are important questions when considering fire safety in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and without some inside information how are we to know what is right and what is wrong. Many companies will give conflicting information when asked these questions, but often they answer in order to suit their own business aims rather than giving the best advice for your situation.

Whether you are an architect, an engineering consultant, an electrical installer, a facilities maintenance manager, a managing director or a business owner you may find it hard to navigate you way through the legal responsibilities imposed under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. What does it all really mean?

How can you find practical, down-to-earth, inside information?

The Fire Alarm Guide from Independent Technical Solutions Ltd is all about answering

these worrying questions in an impartial and independent manner to help give you

sensible advice and peace of mind.

The guide is run by a group of experienced UK Fire Systems Engineers who have

frustratingly seen common mistakes repeated time-after-time. If we can avoid these

common problems then a huge amount of time and money will be saved, and we will

all live and work in a safer environment.

We can explain the difference in confusing industry terminology such as between conventional and addressable Fire Alarm Systems, their variations and applications. We can open up the myths about open or closed protocol and what this means in the real world. We can explain the industries development history and help identify older or obscure systems.

When should you use a local installer with individually selected system components chosen from multiple manufacturers, and when should you consider a manufacturer who offers a more comprehensive all-in-one package including system design, equipment supply, system commissioning and ongoing maintenance packages.

We have experience in many types of application, from small apartment blocks through to large industrial manufacturing complexes. Should you be involved with apartment buildings, B&Bs, hostels, hotels, student accommodation, education, health, shops, retail units, industrial units, manufacturing plants, transport hubs, public buildings or Oil & Gas applications then your requirements can vary hugely and this website will offer useful advice. We have experience in all these applications and many many more, including specialist custom modifications, unusual specifications, harsh climatic conditions and global applications.

The following pages are the result of many years of experience in the field and in

systems R&D. in fact, a lot of the content here is based upon the professional training

that we have been providing to the industry for almost 20 years so you may be

reassured as to its accuracy and relevance.

Most of this advice is provided totally free-of-charge and it is up to you to verify its

suitability with any interested parties such as local authorities, fire services and insurance

companies. However, if you require further assistance then we can offer individual consultancy

services to suit your requirements.

Browse-on for lots of useful advice and informative links, but remember the old saying: ‘Keep It Simple’.

As this site is newly under construction, please bear with us as we add information from time to time.

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